Fabric Mounting

TriGraf Services

We take care of your fabrics

To ensure a complete service to the production cycle, we can manage all your fabrics, taking care of their coding and final fabric mounting.

Customized designs

The customer is followed by a team of graphic designers in the creation of a unique product of its kind. Even the most classic item can therefore be adapted to the needs of each customer, with finishes and details designed ad hoc.

Selection of materials

We offer a very wide range of materials to make the final product unique. Luxury and high touch papers, canvases, leatherette supports, Alcantara and real leather for the most refined processes. All exclusively "Made in Italy".

Handmade production

The craftsmanship of our products guarantees fine finishes and superior quality. We aim to create a highly functional product for you, which is the result of creativity, attention to detail and supported by the right mix of technology and "Hand Made".

Fabric mounting

To ensure a complete service to the production cycle, we can also take care of the final fabric mounting for you.


If you want to give even more importance to your product, customizing with the client's name is always a winning choice! We have therefore structured ourselves to allow the customization of each of your products.

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